This is autism.

My eight-year-old son Owen is highly visual, so my (day late) contribution to the This is Autism flashblog is also visual, in his honor.

A – Across the board thinker. Sometimes described as a black and white thinker, I think “across the board” fits a bit better. Owen understands rules and patterns and finds them helpful. Exceptions to the rules and patterns can cause problems.


Anxiety provoking….










U РUnfiltered. What you see is what you get. There is no pretense and game-playing. Spontaneity and simple fun sometimes are hard to see because so much input is pouring into him. Neurotypicals naturally navigate the world; kids like Owen require so much extra energy to filter all that input. But when with trusted family and friends, Owen can enjoy unfiltered fun.

Sibling love.

Sibling love.

Two favorites - water and cousin Derek.

Two favorites – water and cousin Derek.











T -Trucks. Monster, garbage, dump, fire, pick-up, old, new. ‘Nuff said.

IMG_0118.JPG (2)








I – Illuminating. Just when I think the gulf between my NT world and yours is unbridgeable, you do something like this:

Hello, NT. my name is…











S- Sensory processing. Like many kids on the spectrum, Owen has unique sensory sensitivities. He wears hoodies often. Mittens may debut in September and last until May. This year, it’s taking longer to adjust to the annual autumn shift from shorts to pants.



"I'm pretending they're shorts."

“I’m pretending they’re shorts.”











M – Mine. My son, for whom selfies were obviously invented.


NOW there’s a reason to look at the camera!


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