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What’s in a last name? Almost $500K

A friend sent me a link to this Salon story about a new study by Dutch researchers that shows that women who keep their last names after marriage — as opposed to taking a spouse’s or hyphenating – are judged as ” more independent, more ambitious, more intelligent, and moreRead More

Two steps forward, one back

Google alerts turned up this article written by one Mary, another Aussie commenting on the Catherine Deveny column I posted about last time. In it, Mary tells us she just had a baby boy – to whom she and her husband gave her last name, instead of his. Then onRead More

Last name news from down under, all over

Australian columnist Catherine Deveny has a great piece this week taking on the lemming-like behavior of parents that masquerades as tradition and results in 99 percent of kids having their fathers’ names. She writes: “Why are so many people still clinging to this convention in this day and age ofRead More