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Hello, MWW agents!

If you’re an agent I’m pitching at the Michigan Writing Workshop, hello! I look forward to meeting you Saturday. In the meantime, take a look around my site. I’m especially proud of my high ratings and reviews on Goodreads (average 4.0 stars) and Amazon (average 4.3 stars). Talk to you soon.Read More

2021: My year in books

I kept up my usual pace of about two books per month, heavily favoring fiction. Compared to 2020, I did much better in my effort to read more  authors of color (11 of 24 authors) but still was sub-50 percent. I’ll strive to beat that in 2022. My top 2021 recommendationsRead More

2020: My year in books

What was your favorite read this year? I found it tough to hit the right reading note. Anything heavy was too much on top of everyday life in a pandemic, yet most light reads felt frivolous. Far more books than usual were abandoned by my 50-page test. These 22 madeRead More