Reflections on a birthday

“We’ve had Prince since August and he’s not dead yet,” my daughter remarked of our pet fish last winter. I smiled. Since our first fish didn’t make it past the one-month mark, it did seem like a milestone. Then she added: “We’re taking such good care of him.” That gave meRead More

We have now reached cruising altitude

Last month I asked readers to join me in a virtual launch of Sparrow Migrations, which was re-released by Lake Union Publishing in Kindle, paperback and audio editions on June 23. The flight path couldn’t be prettier: The book’s rank peaked at 398 on June 29; on June 20, three daysRead More

Join me in a novel re-launch

Just two weeks left until Sparrow Migrations is relaunched by Lake Union Publishing. As an originally self-published author it’s a moment to celebrate, and I hope the many readers who have already supported the book will join me. Thanks to you, Amazon Publishing came calling last fall, now enabling me toRead More