Pensive after Paris

hirty years ago I was supposed to go to France, on an exchange trip with my high school French class. Three weeks, including a home stay and all the requisite Paris to-dos: the Louvre, the Left Bank, the Eiffel Tower, bien sur. I got my first real job to helpRead More

A decade of motherhood and still growing

Most people wouldn’t choose this sunflower at the florist. They would want one with a straight stalk that they could put in a vase and admire. A sunflower fully fringed with petals. A sunflower that conformed in all ways to the expectations set forth on the seed packet. Behind it,Read More

Crossing off and moving on

Supposedly, the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer end today. My kids go back to school tomorrow. I go back to my day job after my summer hiatus. Even if you never got an official summer break, Labor Day signifies a change in attitude, a time to return to schedules,Read More