To the mother in the library: Thank you

o!” Owen said at the library yesterday. I turned around. He had left his bag of books and movies next to the computer station where he had been playing games until I decreed it was departure time. A boy around 2 appeared to be investigating the items spilling out ofRead More

What my year in books reflects

ow I understand why it’s taking so dang long to finish my next book — I spend so much time reading other people’s.  I love the “My Year in Books” feature on Goodreads. It enables me to recall the ones from way back in January (like Eula Biss’ On Immunity)Read More

Why YOU* should give away your book

OU * = Fiction author with book available on e-book platform Debut author or author with backlist you have rights to Have an immediate goal of building readership (vs. sales/$ goals, literary merit goals) Have evidence (reviews) that readers will like your book, if only they were aware of it Have aRead More