Affirmation at the doctor’s office

Both kids went to the doctor today. Owen was complaining of symptoms that screamed “ear infection!” so I called and made an appointment for him when Audrey was still napping. Then she woke up fussy and I figured she might as well have an exam, too, since she’d be along for the ride anyway. So I called back for an appointment for her. It was a prime opportunity for the issue of their two different last names to come up – but it didn’t.

I remember worrying when I was pregnant that this choice would saddle them with the burden of being different or wierd. Granted this was a doctor’s office where professional behavior reigns, not a third grade classroom where teasing is de rigeur, but it was still a relief. And a reminder not to let what other people might think affect parenting decisions, no matter what they are.

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  1. Carol says:

    This is unrelated but sort of related.

    I remember working occasionally with a married woman who had very young children. Eventually the last name in her emails changed. My co-workers and I began speculating on whether she had gotten divorced. Turns out she kept her last name when she got married but now the kids were school age. She and her husband had decided everyone in the family would have the same last name.

    That was about 15 years ago and things have changed–as they should!

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