Flashing back on a week of blog posts

Since last week’s flash blog on “autistic people should,” I’ve been reading a lot more autism blogs, including many more by people on the spectrum . Hands down, this is my favorite, by Dude, I’m an Aspie.

With humor, Aspie gently exposes some of the justified, but perhaps over-the-top indignation that inspired the flash blog to begin with.

As a mom to a child who has autism, I understand the need to go on offense. Sometimes it’s necessary. I stand behind my original post, autistic people should be welcome. I agree with many of the other flash blog posts, particularly this one: Autistic people should get credit where credit is due.

Perpetual offense is also exhausting. Aspie reminds his readers it’s more important what autistic people and their loved ones think of themselves than what some search engine algorithm kicks out.

So here’s my post for this week’s flash blog, which reflects back “people-first” language:  Austistic people are people.

Male people, mostly. But female people, too. Young people are who you hear about, mostly. But old people, too. White people are who you see, mostly. But black people and Latino people and Asian people, too. Right-handed people and left-handed people. Spicy-food-loving people and meat-and-potatoes people. Brunette and blond and red-haired people. You get the point.

They’re people, people. Now go hang out together.

– The letter “S” brought to you by Daily Drop Cap.

2 Comments to Flashing back on a week of blog posts

  1. Matt says:

    Hi, I’m so glad you liked my post! You put it very well when you say perpetual offense is exhausting. I must say, even though I minimized the Google autocomplete issue, I’m very impressed they responded so quick. So, good work to everyone behind the flash blog.

  2. tagAught says:

    Thank you for this. And thank you for the link to Dude, I’m an Aspie’s blog – I’ve now added it to my blogroll! 😉

    😉 tagAught

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