Ad libbing at the Glen Lake Library

As a self-published author, marketing has been my mantra for the last several months. I don’t mind. I think my books are good. But it was fun last week to shift the spotlight to include someone else’s.

The Glen Lake Library invited me for their weekly children’s program. I was to discuss “What does it mean to fit in?” a theme I explore in Plover Pilgrimage. Both the main character, 12-year-old Robby, and the piping plovers, the endangered birds he journeys to visit, make adaptations to fit into a world that’s not DSC07261always hospitable to them.

The story is aimed at upper-elementary readers, but as the picture shows, most of the crowd that showed up was a little younger. So I adapted on the fly, adding a reading of Clouds for Dinner by Lynne Rae Perkins to the program. Young Janet wonders if she quite fits into her own family, where things like dinner don’t happen like they do in other households. Lynne’s beautiful paintings enhance the story that ends with Janet feeling reassured.

It was marvelous to be able to turn to another Michigan author, and that the library had her books readily available. I read from Plover, too, and was gratified that Derek, holding it in the picture, immediately checked it out.

Then I drove home under the kind of skies Lynne’s cover depicts — the brilliant, golden blue we long for all winter–and treated myself to lunch at the Cedar taco stand. Yeah, it was a good day.


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