One year already

You sleep so soundly
Unaware tomorrow is
your first birthday. Wow.

Dear Audrey –

I just went up and checked on you in your crib. One year ago, almost to the hour, I began the labor that ended with meeting you, Audrey Henderson Noga. From your smooth, uncomplicated birth to the surprise of  your red hair to your sunny, easy-going disposition, you’ve been such a welcome healing force in my evolution as a mother. Thank you.

Before you were born, as a trio, our family never felt unbalanced. But when

Audrey celebrates the big O-N-E

Audrey celebrates the big O-N-E

we brought you home, somehow it just felt more right. Maybe it’s having one child of each gender. Or one with each of our names.

I’m so deeply glad your dad and I reached that decision about your last name. Really, it’s going to be you who makes the decision whether matrilineality continues. Of course I hope you do decide to pass Noga on to your children. But that’s a long time away.

Now, as an almost-walking, blueberry-loving, big-brother-adoring one-year-old, you’ve ensconced yourself as a full member of our household. I’m so grateful you’re here, little one. Happy birthday.


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