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These days, there’s angst aplenty in the worlds of publishing and writing. From the Amazon-Hachette sturm und drang to the anxiety that comes with sending a query letter to the dreaded waiting for replies from agents or editors, this is a business fraught with drama and disappointment.

Yet if success came easily, everyone would have it, right? I’m here to tell you there is also delight and reward in publishing and writing. I experienced such an evening in the lovely Lake Superior

It was fun and flattering to be in the spotlight at the Peter White Public Library in Marquette, Mich., but a long road to get there.

Fun and flattering to be in the spotlight at the Peter White Public Library in Marquette, Mich.

community of Marquette, Mich. two weeks ago. I’d been invited to speak at the public library, and the event  happened to fall on my birthday. That night I arrived to a warm reception by an audience that included one reader who voluntarily identified herself as “your biggest fan,” AND a homemade birthday cake.

Last week came another library lecture, in Northport, Mich. Again, a full house sat attentively, asked good questions, and bought books. As a bonus, I learned  the library’s book club has selected Sparrow Migrations for their November read.

Behind both evenings, though, was one heck of a lot of work. Two and a half years of writing and editing. Nine drafts. Beta reader feedback. Agent research. Query letter writing. Manuscript sending. Manuscript rejections. Soul-searching. Self-publishing. Was it worth it? Though I had my doubts at times, the answer is yes, absolutely.

So I love the title of Quit Whining, Start Writing, a writers’ conference set for Oct. 17-18 in Grand Rapids, Mich. Whether you’ve previously published or are an aspiring author, there’s a session that can help you move forward with your writing, publishing and marketing goals. I’ll be presenting “Getting to The End: The Arc of Novel Writing,” a session designed to help fiction writers finish a manuscript.

Early bird (by Aug. 18) registrants save $25 and are registered to win a Kindle. So get thee over to the registration site and sign up.

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