No longer the only one

Sending congratulations and best wishes today to my cousin, Jeff Burns, and his new wife, Meesha Rasheed-Burns, who got married croagh-patrick-climbyesterday in Hawaii.

I’d like to also send another sentiment not typically offered at weddings: Gratitude to Meesha for choosing to hyphenate her last name. Finally, after seven and a half years as the only married woman in my extended family to do something other than take my husband’s name, I’m no longer the sole Mrs. Non-Traditional.

In any endeavor, it’s hard to be the first. It can be lonely. It can be a slog. It can feel a lot like the image above, from the blog, on a small island. Family-wise, I’m really glad not to be the only one on this island anymore. Enjoy the beach, Meesha (and Jeff) and thanks.

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