What my year in books reflects

Now I understand why it’s taking so dang long to finish my next book — I spend so much time reading other people’s.  I love the “My Year in Books” feature on Goodreads. It enables me to recall the ones from way back in January (like Eula Biss’ On Immunity) and pick out trends. Here’s some things I noticed about what the 25 books I read in 2015 My2015InBookssay about my reading habits:

  • Female authors dominated (18 to 7)
  • I veered outside my contemporary fiction comfort zone with three novels set in other periods and seven non-fiction works. Book clubs were important to this diversity — two of the novels were choices of my book clubs.
  • I supported two self-published authors (wish it would have been more.)
  • Autism continued to be a theme in my reading, with four books read (At 544 pages, Neurotribes should really count for two!)
  • I bought more than I usually do, supporting four local authors and three from my publisher, Lake Union Publishing.

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