Dear Michigan Elector –

As a designated Elector, you are charged with the sobering responsibility of formally selecting the 45th president of the United States. I write to plead that you exercise your Constitutional discretion to vote your conscience and choose a candidate other than Donald Trump on Dec. 19.

I realize Michigan law prohibits this. However, as you yourself are likely aware, the Constitutionality of such laws that attempt to bind the actions of electors is highly questionable.  Ultimately, even if it is only symbolic, I urge you to cast your vote for another candidate. Preventing the inauguration of Donald Trump, at best a temperamentally unfit and unqualified candidate and at worst a reckless, dangerous threat to our national security and economy is exactly why the Electoral College was created.

Acceptable candidates would include Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who finished third in the Michigan GOP primary, former Secretary of State Gen. Colin Powell or best yet, Hillary Clinton, winner of the popular vote on Nov. 8

The month since the election has confirmed just how ill-equipped Trump is to serve, from crony appointments, rampant conflicts of interest, lack of transparency with the media and heedless disregard of diplomatic precedent. Don’t let him have four more years.




Cari Noga

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