2020: My year in books

What was your favorite read this year? I found it tough to hit the right reading note. Anything heavy was too much on top of everyday life in a pandemic, yet most light reads felt frivolous. Far more books than usual were abandoned by my 50-page test. These 22 made it through.

Since I typically abandon books I don’t like (exceptions: my book club books), all those I finish were at least good. My favorites were some of the middle-grades I borrowed from my daughter, especially Absolutely Almost and Blended. Adult fiction winners were The Rent Collector, Well-Behaved Indian Women and Unaccustomed Earth.

Interesting to note this year’s batch is tilted more heavily than usual toward female authors. I compared the last three years and it’s usually 60-65% female. 2020 was 77 percent female authors.

Looking forward to more good reads in 2021. I received vol. 1 of President Obama’s memoir as a Christmas gift. I’m trying to psych myself up forĀ  768-page read that doesn’t have Harry, Ron and Hermione.


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