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  1. Susan Reens says:

    Loved Sparrow Migrations. I have nominated it for consideration as a book selection for World Book Night 2014. The event takes place April 23, 2014.
    In the mean time, I will continue to praise this title.
    Sue Reens

  2. Alice Cecil says:


    You are scheduled to meet with our bookclub, Lakeland Assoc. Turning Pages, on Friday, Sept. 27. I will be one of the hosts at our clubhouse. My question is – will you be leading the discussion? I have already finished the book & really enjoyed it & know our members will have lots of questions, comments & discussion. I also understand one of our members will be hosting you in their home on Friday as I have been advised you will be in Ludington on Saturday for a book signing? Please confirm your plans. Thank you.

    • Cari says:

      Hi Alice – I replied to your e-mail address directly. Let me know if you have any more questions: 231-392-1800. Looking forward to it!

  3. Susan Kraus says:

    Read your interview at Huff Post. I was looking at books as I’d just posted a book review on Huff Post and couldn’t find it (sometimes they disappear into the cosmos.) So, I bumped into your interview and liked your voice. I left a comment which I rarely do BUT have to start doing as I’m releasing a few novels next month via Create Space / Amazon.
    Then I linked to your site and saw “autism”… which is always a grab as I have a daughter with high-functioning autism. As far as finding time to write… i feel your pain. It was friggin’ impossible back then.

    Keep me posted as I;d like to follow your work.

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