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Autism Reads is a Twitter-based effort to broaden autism awareness beyond April and deepen it into thinking and changing and understanding. The books recommended below have been written by an autistic author, feature autistic characters, or are about autism. It is entirely subjective, largely based on books I’ve read and enjoyed, not only as the mother of a child on the spectrum, but as a book lover. Asterisks (*) indicate my top pick in each category for readers coming to the subject with little previous knowledge. If you have a suggestion, tweet it (#AutismReads and tag me, @carinoga) or contact me.






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  1. Hi Cari,

    I just wanted to say thank you personally for including my book, Twirling Naked in the Streets, in your Autism Reads book list; I am honored. In case anyone is interested, Twirling (Kindle Edition)–a 2013 Reader’s Favorites International Book Award Winner– will be on sale all of next week (Kindle Countdown Deal) from April 23-29th with a starting price of just 99 cents. The price will increase in increments every 48 hours until the end of the week.

    We are celebrating Autism this month with many promotions and giveaways, both found on my blog at, and on my FB page at This April signifies Twirling’s one year anniversary, and the release (just yesterday) of the audiobook edition available on Audibles, Amazon, and ITunes. But my favorite part of our promos this month, is the giveaways. Currently, all new “likes” on my FB page, page sharers, and blog commenters will be entered to win free autographed copies! (I may have to add new Twitter followers, and Re-Tweeters to that mix.) I intend on giving away several copies every few days until month’s end. Hopefully, you will come join the fun!

    Again, thank you so much for the honor.

    (Can’t wait to start reading Sparrow Migrations tonight!)

  2. Hi Cari,
    Thank you so much for including my book (A Is for Autism, F Is for Friend…) on your list of books for autism awareness month.

    Take care,
    Joanna K-V

  3. Lesley Ely says:

    Hello Cari, I’ve just seen this. I’m honoured to have ‘Looking After Louis’ mentioned on such an excellent list. Thank you.
    Best wishes,
    Lesley Ely

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