My summer war reads

didn’t intend to spend July in a concentration camp, a Croatian safehouse occupied by child vigilantes and multiple battlefields in Afghanistan and Iraq. It started with my book club picking Sara Novic’s debut novel Girl at War. Set in 1991 Croatia, 10-year-old Ana becomes a child soldier in a gruesomeRead More

Stopping by the blog on an anniversary evening

ix years ago today we got the results back from our son’s special education evaluation: He was autistic. That part of our parental road now stretches for more than half his almost 11 years. We’ve known longer than we didn’t know, in other words. Measured that way, I keep thinkingRead More

To the mother in the library: Thank you

o!” Owen said at the library yesterday. I turned around. He had left his bag of books and movies next to the computer station where he had been playing games until I decreed it was departure time. A boy around 2 appeared to be investigating the items spilling out ofRead More