Dear Michigan Elector –

As a designated Elector, you are charged with the sobering responsibility of formally selecting the 45th president of the United States. I write to plead that you exercise your Constitutional discretion to vote your conscience and choose a candidate other than Donald Trump on Dec. 19. I realize Michigan lawRead More

Public education is poised on a crumbling precipice

ou should probably go with TCAPS. Six and a half years ago, a teacher at the Catholic school system in my small town of Traverse City, Mich., so advised my husband and me as we considered where to enroll our autistic son for kindergarten. At the time, I was gratefulRead More

My summer war reads

didn’t intend to spend July in a concentration camp, a Croatian safehouse occupied by child vigilantes and multiple battlefields in Afghanistan and Iraq. It started with my book club picking Sara Novic’s debut novel Girl at War. Set in 1991 Croatia, 10-year-old Ana becomes a child soldier in a gruesomeRead More