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C’mon back, Bessie

Have I put the cart before the horse with this blog? I started wondering after reading about the recently-publicized study* on American attitudes toward women keeping their name after marriage. With the blog, I’d hoped to, by example, advocate for women passing their names on to their children. But thatRead More

Hydrangea harbinger?

The rhododendron failed to bloom. But: Mike’s mom is coming home today after more than two weeks in the hospital Owen’s doctor ordered a reprieve from potty training treadmill we’ve been on for two months Audrey has now slept through the night – REALLY slept through the night, 7 p.m.-6Read More

The question, in a nutshell

Son Owen and I were on a donut run this morning when I told him his babysitter, Molly, was coming over later. “Which Molly?”  he asked. (He has a cousin named Molly, too.) “Molly Smith,” I replied “Why is her name Molly Smith?” he asked. An answer like, “because ofRead More