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Pensive after Paris

hirty years ago I was supposed to go to France, on an exchange trip with my high school French class. Three weeks, including a home stay and all the requisite Paris to-dos: the Louvre, the Left Bank, the Eiffel Tower, bien sur. I got my first real job to helpRead More

Back on my soapbox

Traverse City’s community weekly has a profile this week on a local lawyer, Enrico Schaefer, who specializes in Internet law. In telling his background, it contains this sentence about his marriage: ” ‘In an act of love that few husbands would even consider, Enrico also took Nan’s last name toRead More

Farewell, Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm

Michigan’s Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm ended eight years in office this morning when her successor, Rick Snyder, was sworn in. Most of the state won’t miss her. She was in the state’s top job as unemployment here swelled, incomes deflated and attitudes soured. Though I’m against the term limits thatRead More