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Farewell, Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm

Michigan’s Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm ended eight years in office this morning when her successor, Rick Snyder, was sworn in. Most of the state won’t miss her. She was in the state’s top job as unemployment here swelled, incomes deflated and attitudes soured. Though I’m against the term limits thatRead More

Sharing last name no indication of father-child bond

Lesson No. 1 in journalism school: Never assume. There’s even an acronym for what happens to you (and your editor, usually the one who’ll really hammer it home): It makes an ass of u and me. Assumptions run rampant when it comes to last name choices. In late October, DetroitRead More

Nee Lyle, now Simms, AZ man is Mr. Matrilineal

Writing a blog about the importance of women’s last names often makes me feel like I’m wandering alone in the Arctic. Instead of snow and ice, the blank tundra of sameness surrounding me are the masses of folks who, seemingly blindly, follow the patrilineal pattern after marriage and children. Then,Read More