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Squinting for signals

Jeans and shirts with collars. A silent ceiling fan. An orange swim suit. As the new year gets fully underway this week, I fixate on what I’m interpreting as this trio of signals from my son, sent as 2014 waned. Like many autistic children, he is rigid about his routines.Read More

Another autism study. Yawn.

his week, a┬ástudy came out showing that women whose labor is induced and/or accelerated are more likely to have a child with autism, especially if the child is a boy. I had my first labor accelerated, back in 2005. My son has autism. With my second child, I didn’t. SheRead More

Aw, you shouldn’t have…

Last week I received the perfect gift for my seventh wedding anniversary — from a co-worker. Uploaded with ImageShack.us At a meeting I happened to mention this blog. She checked it out and then sent me a message: “I’m reading your blog and now I’m all confused about what IRead More