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Writing my grandma’s obituary

My paternal grandma died Thursday at the age of 90. At my mom’s request, I just wrote her obituary. Very strange feeling to use the past tense about her. Also to realize how little I knew about her. She and my grandpa did the snowbird thing from the time IRead More

Another one!

Another half-n-half family: Mom, dad and two kids, one with mom’s last name and one with dad’s! It’s writer Lenore Skenazy, who made headlines a year ago when she let her then-9-year-old son ride home alone on a NYC subway. She’s just out with a book, Free Range Kids. WhileRead More

Confusing to kids? It’s still worth it

A week ago I sent a note to friends and family about this blog. Within 48 hours of each other, two people e-mailed polar opposite reactions. Oddly enough, considering this whole thing is about names, they share one. Since neither chose to comment publicly, I’ll preserve their privacy with aRead More