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Just in time for summer…

Comes this cute little T from the Lucy Stone League, which advocates for name choice equality in the spirit of Lucy Stone, the first American woman to keep her birth name after marriage, back in 1856. Get yours today and support a noble cause! Haiku to Lucy Stone: Female pioneer/FirstRead More

The “Mrs.” question

We had our living room painted a couple weeks ago, and the painter was back the other day for a touch-up. In between, I’ve had probably a half-dozen phone calls or conversations with him. He always calls me “Mrs. Noga.” It’s only logical. He knows my last name, seen meRead More

Stand up. Whooo. Repeat.

Our northern neighbors are known as a fairly easygoing lot. But right on the heels of the Olympics, a tempest kicked up in Canada over a proposal to changing language in the national anthem, “O Canada,” to be gender-neutral.  Chastened by an uproar from Newfoundland to British Columbia, they recentlyRead More