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Just in time for summer…

Comes this cute little T from the Lucy Stone League, which advocates for name choice equality in the spirit of Lucy Stone, the first American woman to keep her birth name after marriage, back in 1856. Get yours today and support a noble cause! Haiku to Lucy Stone: Female pioneer/FirstRead More

One year already

You sleep so soundly Unaware tomorrow is your first birthday. Wow. Dear Audrey – I just went up and checked on you in your crib. One year ago, almost to the hour, I began the labor that ended with meeting you, Audrey Henderson Noga. From your smooth, uncomplicated birth toRead More

Haiku No. 2

Just found, forgotten in drawer, once of value now a relic: film Discovered in catchall drawer under lightbulbs and paint samples. One unshot roll of Kodak 400. 24 exposures. What shall I do with it, besides capture it digitally as a kind of visual homage to irony? Ideas?