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Turnabout feels really good

hile drying my hair after my lap swim this morning, I noticed a girl I’d never seen before in the locker room mirror. A girl with Down syndrome. I quickly averted my eyes back to my own reflection, anxious not to seem like I was staring. She took a spotRead More

Taking back April

pril. Again. Since my dad died in April 10 years ago,  T.S. Eliot hasn’t gotten much argument from me about it being the cruelest month. Two Aprils ago was when we started down the path that led to our son’s diagnosis with autism. Then it turns out April is inRead More

Gaahhhspeed, Ethel

ast year I read Jamie Ford’s novel Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. The protagonist, Henry, is a widower whose wife Ethel has recently died of cancer. I remember Ford’s phrase that Henry had “an Ethel-shaped hole” in either his life or heart (probably both) struck me hard.Read More