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A decade of motherhood and still growing

Most people wouldn’t choose this sunflower at the florist. They would want one with a straight stalk that they could put in a vase and admire. A sunflower fully fringed with petals. A sunflower that conformed in all ways to the expectations set forth on the seed packet. Behind it,Read More

Reflections on a birthday

“We’ve had Prince since August and he’s not dead yet,” my daughter remarked of our pet fish last winter. I smiled. Since our first fish didn’t make it past the one-month mark, it did seem like a milestone. Then she added: “We’re taking such good care of him.” That gave meRead More

Inconceivable but true – cash for cars, not kids

y town often makes “best-of” lists. Among other distinctions, Traverse City and its environs have been named the best small town, best place to retire, best beaches, best beer destination, best wine destination, best summer trip and best winter trip. We’re among the best places to do a triathlon, golfRead More