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Writer in progress, aka the DIY MFA

ast week I turned in the manuscript for my second novel, to be released by Lake Union Publishing in May 2018. (Cue the birds on the drop cap!) Relinquishing it, however, means that for the first time in more than six years – since I began my first novel, SparrowRead More

Pensive after Paris

hirty years ago I was supposed to go to France, on an exchange trip with my high school French class. Three weeks, including a home stay and all the requisite Paris to-dos: the Louvre, the Left Bank, the Eiffel Tower, bien sur. I got my first real job to helpRead More

On language akin to the solid substance used for sidewalks

iece of cake, right?” I said to Owen after he nimbly scrambled over this climbing wall at the Empire beach last week. He tossed me a stern glance. “That is not a cake, Mommy.” Oh, you idioms. As a writer, I love them for the flavor, nuance and imagery theyRead More