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Stopping by the blog on an anniversary evening

ix years ago today we got the results back from our son’s special education evaluation: He was autistic. That part of our parental road now stretches for more than half his almost 11 years. We’ve known longer than we didn’t know, in other words. Measured that way, I keep thinkingRead More

Squinting for signals

Jeans and shirts with collars. A silent ceiling fan. An orange swim suit. As the new year gets fully underway this week, I fixate on what I’m interpreting as this trio of signals from my son, sent as 2014 waned. Like many autistic children, he is rigid about his routines.Read More

Light at the end of the tunnel

or the last month, I’ve worked on this tunnel through a snowbank in our front yard. First I’d chisel away at one side, then switch to the other. Last night, digging away on the far side, where the truck is, I thought I saw the porch light glimmering through, fromRead More