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Light at the end of the tunnel

or the last month, I’ve worked on this tunnel through a snowbank in our front yard. First I’d chisel away at one side, then switch to the other. Last night, digging away on the far side, where the truck is, I thought I saw the porch light glimmering through, fromRead More

Awareness? Acceptance? Today, ‘home sweet home’ is enough

ome sweet home,” said Owen yesterday, as we returned from our spring break trip to visit family in Ohio. “Home sweet home,” I echoed, as I often do with his comments. The repetition seems to reassure him that I’ve heard him, and he’ll often repeat himself until he gets thatRead More

Thoughts on the new autism numbers – 1 in 50

lmost exactly three years ago, I sat in my living room with a woman sentĀ  to evaluate my son for developmental delays. His preschool teacher had recommended it, and she was the firstĀ  checkpoint. If she judged him normal typical, life would go on as it had. If she determinedRead More