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Public education is poised on a crumbling precipice

ou should probably go with TCAPS. Six and a half years ago, a teacher at the Catholic school system in my small town of Traverse City, Mich., so advised my husband and me as we considered where to enroll our autistic son for kindergarten. At the time, I was gratefulRead More

Of solid projectiles and Writer’s Workshop

y Webster’s New World Dictionary lists two dozen definitions of the word “shot.” There are seventeen for the noun form, four for the adjective, and four idiomatic, including shot in the arm, call the shots, and┬átake a shot. For my daughter, however, there is only one definition. No. 14, “aRead More

Autistic people should be welcomed

ast week, my son brought home his class composite picture. He placed it on the top shelf of his book case. Later that evening, he reproached me when I inadvertently brushed it off the shelf. “Mommy. That’s my picture,” he said, replacing it in its prominent position. Not the stereotypicalRead More