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Open water – life without lanes *

aturday morning, and I’m plunging my arms against the chopping water of West Grand Traverse Bay. Stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke, breathe, on the right, because the waves are rolling in from the left. Trying to progress toward the orange buoy ahead, the one being buffeted about by these same waves,Read More


Starting the car’s engine at 3 o’clock today, heading to pick up my newly-minted first grader, I felt something I haven’t since last May. Anticipation. It happened again a little after 5, waiting for my husband to return with our daughter from her preschool-daycare combo day. I glanced out theRead More

The insight of hindsight

One month ago I embarked on a mission to take back April, one of my least-favorite months. With the calendar flipping tomorrow, it’s time to reckon up. Unfortunately, April hasn’t been completely redeemed. I was hoping for the ultimate poetic justice — an offer of representation from an agent namedRead More