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aaah. 2012 looks like a record year for correctly-addressed Christmas cards. I’ve made a stink about getting this wrong in the past, so I want to say a heartfelt thank-you now. It really means a lot that all four of us are included. Doesn’t matter which comes first, just thatRead More

Montessori a matrilineal magnet

few weeks ago we got the student directory for my son’s public Montessori school. Thumbing through it I started noticing something: Parents and children with different last names. Lots of them. I started counting. There were almost 300 families listed. By the time I got to “Z” I’d tallied thatRead More

Back on my soapbox

Traverse City’s community weekly has a profile this week on a local lawyer, Enrico Schaefer, who specializes in Internet law. In telling his background, it contains this sentence about his marriage: ” ‘In an act of love that few husbands would even consider, Enrico also took Nan’s last name toRead More