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Hyphenated last name = built-in spelling practice

Congratulations to Nicole Blakkan-Esser, who won the Grand Traverse Regional Spelling bee Sunday. She follows in her older brother Lukas’s footsteps. He won the bee in 2009. What’s in the water at the Blakkan-Esser household? Probably nothing. But there are, apparently, two parents who wanted to impart the value ofRead More

Attention to detail

Big props to my employer, NMC, which produced this banner for its 60th anniversary kickoff last week. It lists the names of the 21,000 donors – yes, 21,000 – who have supported the college in the last six decades. Even in that immense database, they got Mike’s and my dualRead More

No longer the only one

Sending congratulations and best wishes today to my cousin, Jeff Burns, and his new wife, Meesha Rasheed-Burns, who got married yesterday in Hawaii. I’d like to also send another sentiment not typically offered at weddings: Gratitude to Meesha for choosing to hyphenate her last name. Finally, after seven and aRead More