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Giving thanks for the good fortune of great readers

When I visit book clubs or speak at an event or do signings for Sparrow Migrations, I usually bring along a bag of fortune cookies. All the novel’s characters eat at a Chinese restaurant at some point, and the fortune cookies are a great icebreaker, a reason to strike upRead More

The year of NaNo-ing vicariously

Sounds like a blockbuster title, doesn’t it? I’m on the sidelines of the literary world’s greatest endurance race this year, wrapping up revisions to my 2013 novel. But I guest-blogged some tips for ForeWord Reviews. And I’m excited to be invited to coach WriMos on Twitter through a new NaNo program.Read More

Channeling the NaNo mojo

oday I got the oil changed in my car, made a decent dent in the Christmas shopping, replenished every conceivable household toiletry item, got my annual eye exam, met friends for drinks and wrote this blog post. All on top of my usual work and family obligations. What caused thisRead More