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Reflections on a birthday

“We’ve had Prince since August and he’s not dead yet,”┬ámy daughter remarked of our pet fish last winter. I smiled. Since our first fish didn’t make it past the one-month mark, it did seem like a milestone. Then she added: “We’re taking such good care of him.” That gave meRead More

We interrupt this conventional wisdom to bring you…

rief. With not just a capital G, but a drop cap G. That overwhelming. I’m talking about my eight-year-old son Owen’s reaction today to the death of Pumpkin, our first family pet. Pumpkin was a betta fish and he’d been part of the household for just over two weeks beforeRead More

This I believe – 2014 edition

ear-end assessments and new year’s resolutions are both tools I find helpful for making decisions. This year I’ve decided to combine them into what I’m calling my 2014 manifesto. Organized into the two themes I most often write about,┬áthis I believe: Autism/parenting I believe that both person-first language and identity-firstRead More