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My summer war reads

didn’t intend to spend July in a concentration camp, a Croatian safehouse occupied by child vigilantes and multiple battlefields in Afghanistan and Iraq. It started with my book club picking Sara Novic’s debut novel Girl at War. Set in 1991 Croatia, 10-year-old Ana becomes a child soldier in a gruesomeRead More

Pensive after Paris

hirty years ago I was supposed to go to France, on an exchange trip with my high school French class. Three weeks, including a home stay and all the requisite Paris to-dos: the Louvre, the Left Bank, the Eiffel Tower, bien sur. I got my first real job to helpRead More

Tilting and musing at windmills

Driving through town the other day with the kids, I spotted a wind turbine spinning far faster than I would have expected. It hadn’t felt particularly breezy when I’d picked them up on the school playground a few minutes earlier. Nor did I see any tree branches swaying. “That windmill’sRead More