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Lit fic and manga and self-pubbed, oh my!

If one aspires to be a writer, one must first be a reader. Plain and simple. Below are the books I read in 2014. Looking at the list, it’s easy to see where some choices came from, and interesting to ruminate on other trends that only surface in the aggregate,Read More

A novel maturity

hree things happened this week that made me realize I’ve managed to scale to a new perch as an author: 1) I was asked a question on Goodreads, by a Maryland reader who’s reading my novel for her book club. If you don’t know Goodreads, it’s a social network siteRead More

Why book clubs will save civilization

or the last year, I’ve been on a book club tour, joining about a half-dozen different groups for their discussions of Sparrow Migrations. As the founder of my own book club more than a decade ago, I knew book clubs were cool. But now, I think they might just be theRead More