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What my year in books reflects

ow I understand why it’s taking so dang long to finish my next book — I spend so much time reading other people’s.  I love the “My Year in Books” feature on Goodreads. It enables me to recall the ones from way back in January (like Eula Biss’ On Immunity)Read More

Giving thanks for the good fortune of great readers

When I visit book clubs or speak at an event or do signings for Sparrow Migrations, I usually bring along a bag of fortune cookies. All the novel’s characters eat at a Chinese restaurant at some point, and the fortune cookies are a great icebreaker, a reason to strike upRead More

A novel maturity

hree things happened this week that made me realize I’ve managed to scale to a new perch as an author: 1) I was asked a question on Goodreads, by a Maryland reader who’s reading my novel for her book club. If you don’t know Goodreads, it’s a social network siteRead More