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Public education is poised on a crumbling precipice

ou should probably go with TCAPS. Six and a half years ago, a teacher at the Catholic school system in my small town of Traverse City, Mich., so advised my husband and me as we considered where to enroll our autistic son for kindergarten. At the time, I was gratefulRead More

Let’s make summer vacation more scarce

Last week, I made a pitch for year-round school to Michigan’s lieutenant governor and Michelle Fecteau of the Michigan State Board of Education when they visited Traverse City as part of a listening tour on special education. I got sympathetic nods. With a special education child himself, Lt. Gov. CalleyRead More

Why are second (and third) chances so hard?

ast week I heard from another autism mom whose son was expelled from school after two behavior incidents. She felt the incidents should be viewed in the context of her child’s diagnosis, Asperger’s, and that the school bore some responsibility for inciting the first, in particular. She was frustrated. “AmRead More