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On being read (horn toot warning)

How cool is this (look over on the right, by the green button): Zero copies available. Zip. Zilch. Nada, baby! Then there’s this: People are reading Sparrow Migrations! They are spending their free time — the most precious, limited resource in 21st century American culture — reading my novel. AndRead More

Awareness? Acceptance? Today, ‘home sweet home’ is enough

ome sweet home,” said Owen yesterday, as we returned from our spring break trip to visit family in Ohio. “Home sweet home,” I echoed, as I often do with his comments. The repetition seems to reassure him that I’ve heard him, and he’ll often repeat himself until he gets thatRead More

Autistic people should be welcomed

ast week, my son brought home his class composite picture. He placed it on the top shelf of his book case. Later that evening, he reproached me when I inadvertently brushed it off the shelf. “Mommy. That’s my picture,” he said, replacing it in its prominent position. Not the stereotypicalRead More