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Dear Monday: How do I love thee? Three ways (& counting)

ello, my name is Cari, and I love Mondays. (Soliloquy, from podium.) i, Cari! (Imagined group response, in unison.) Based on prevailing attitudes, my imaginary Monday lovers support group probably will stay there, well out of the realm of reality.* Monday malaise varies with employment status and/or satisfaction, age andRead More

Aw, you shouldn’t have…

Last week I received the perfect gift for my seventh wedding anniversary — from a co-worker. Uploaded with ImageShack.us At a meeting I happened to mention this blog. She checked it out and then sent me a message: “I’m reading your blog and now I’m all confused about what IRead More

What’s in a last name? Almost $500K

A friend sent me a link to this Salon story about a new study by Dutch researchers that shows that women who keep their last names after marriage — as opposed to taking a spouse’s or hyphenating – are judged as ” more independent, more ambitious, more intelligent, and moreRead More