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Giving thanks for the good fortune of great readers

When I visit book clubs or speak at an event or do signings for Sparrow Migrations, I usually bring along a bag of fortune cookies. All the novel’s characters eat at a Chinese restaurant at some point, and the fortune cookies are a great icebreaker, a reason to strike upRead More

The year of NaNo-ing vicariously

Sounds like a blockbuster title, doesn’t it? I’m on the sidelines of the literary world’s greatest endurance race this year, wrapping up revisions to my 2013 novel. But I guest-blogged some tips for ForeWord Reviews. And I’m excited to be invited to¬†coach WriMos on Twitter through a new NaNo program.Read More

A novel maturity

hree things happened this week that made me realize I’ve managed to scale to a new perch as an author: 1) I was asked a question on Goodreads, by a Maryland reader who’s reading my novel for her book club. If you don’t know Goodreads, it’s a social network siteRead More